The Todd Glass Show

One of our all time favorites is back, Chris Farren! 

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Enjoy the last family episode of 2016!


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Todd is joined by the incredible Natasha Leggero!


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We lost the guest this week so now you get a special family show! You'll have to listen for all the details!

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Eliza Skinner is back on the show and what an epic return it is! 

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Todd is joined by the great Andy Wood!

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Todd was off with family this week but don't worry because we still have an after show from last week! 

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Jay Larson joins Todd on today’s episode!

Go see Jay record his hour special November 29th at the El Rey Theater!

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Tom Martin is back on the show!

Note: This episode may be difficult to listen to, it was recorded a few hours before the results of the election came in. It is an extremely hopeful episode. We still have hope. Take care of each other.

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A serious show from a serious podcast with Todd and Eric!

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